Our accounting office was founded in 2004 based on a ten years experience in bookkeeping and payroll. Our goal was to provide high level accountancy and labor services and to give a solid basis for business decision to our partners based on our high-qualified expertise and the knowledge acquired in the operation of Hungarian and international companies,

Accountancy services

Outstanding quality of accounting services in double-entry bookkeeping for domestic and international businesses even in English, with insurance and warranty

Tax Consulting, planning

Full counseling to support companies’ economic decisions. Careful tax planning to avoid surprises and achieve higher returns

Payroll, labour services

All-round labor services, whatever forms of employment, wages structure and work orders. Establishment and registration of a Cafeteria system.

Management riports

Complete continuous reports on the financial, liquidity and financial position of the Principal. Preparation of custom reports or custom templates at the customer’s request, either on a monthly basis

Fresh news, information

Be informed about the last financial and accountancy news and ichanges by our office.

We wish you a Happy New Year!

Dear Clients! On behalf of our Accountancy Office and the whole staff we wish you a healthy, happy and succesful new year! We hope you will be satisfied with our services in Y2018 too.

Whose registration do we need to hand in reports?

We are liable for our own work, which means we use our own customer portal registrations instead of the registrations of our clients. Therefore, we need authorizations to hand in your reports. It means that in the case of paying any fines not our clients are involved, but we are.

24 nov, 2017 admin

Does our office have liability insurance?

Yes, we do. We have a liability insurance from the starting of our company that is modified every year according to the income and the workforce. We have not suffered any damages since the establishment of our company, nevertheless, having a liability insurance means safety for our clients and for us as well.

24 nov, 2017 admin